I always detest writing the standard ‘About me’ because just like everyone else, when put on the spot (Even if not on the spot) I can never think of anything I know about being the person I’ve been for x amount of years.  BUT…here are some things I know about me:

I’m a girl in high school preparing for college who loves music and I’m considered the Artistic type but I HATE being called “unique”

My favorite utensil is chopsticks.

My must have accessory–a pair of headphones and MP3 Player.

I love love LOVE skinny jeans.

Am often described as a hippie but also goth because i tend to wear black.

I am usually writing something down somewhere (paper, napkin, clothes, reciet, skin, etc.) and don’t let my face fool you–If it looks like I’m mad, I’m not, I’m usually just…thinking.


More–I’m currently dating a guy named Jesse  🙂 He’s, surprisingly, somewhat of an opposite to me (ex: he is total carnivore, I’m vegetarian) and sort of nothing what I believed to be ‘the perfect guy’ for me…but I’m happy 🙂

I’m persuing cosmetology as a career, hoping to travel the world, starting planning to head to New York, and I’m the jealous type XD


Well now. Now that that’s over, NEW Update:  Single, loving it. Fighting too many battles sooo I’m just giving up and moving on.


Refusing to grow up, done with wishing, and trying to be more like Luna


2 Responses to “About…me”

  1. You forgot to mention that youre beautiful!

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