Woes of the sleepess

For some reason, I just can’t sleep.

 I know it’s not the first time I’ve expressed my sleeping issues.

 But I’ve encountered a new problem that I’ve had before but never fully-faced until now.


Not JUST boredom. But boredom from 2-5 in the morning.

There’s nothing good on tv. Can’t watch movies. Picture websites slow down because people aren’t on, adding pictures, because they’re asleep. Not many people blog. Youtube only has so many videos!!

I mean what am I supposed to do!?!? 

I’ve compiled a ridiculous list of things I could do to occupy my time:

  1. Take up knitting
  2. Read the dictionary (tried once in 7th grade, couldn’t get past c’s)
  3. Drop a box of toothpicks and guess how many will be left in the box
  4. Count the specks of glitter on my ceiling
  5. Learn how to yodel (without waking everyone)
  6. Create a conspiracy, spread the rumor online, then disagree with it in person.
  7. Make an origami Nazgul
  8. Read the Printer Manual
  9. Carve ivory soap
  10. Google myself
  11. Make a time capsule to open tomorrow
  12.  Pretend to understand Fengshway and rearrange all of the furniture in my house
  13. Pretend to sleep walk, cook, and see if my family wakes up
  14. Smear peanut butter on the wall, toss marshmallows at it, call it Modern art
  15. Turn the televisions upside down
  16. Have a staring contest with my cat
  17. Play with matches
  18. Make a watch/clock stop with my mind
  19. Read tea leaves
  20. Narrate Spanish soap operas

Just some things to pass the time with!


~ by sider13 on July 27, 2011.

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