New Tides

Well over the weekend I went to Boy Basketball at State in Rapid City, SD and ended up not caring much about the games but for the record, I did watch them. To be honest though, I didn’t really cheer much or go with the requested dress themes 😛

BUT I was there with friends, visiting old friends as well, and my friends’ younger brother was getting a tatoo for his almost 16th birthday. Friday night, we drove over to Spearfish but the tattoo parlor we were hoping to get the tattoo done at was full for the next few days. Bummed, we began driving back to our temporary home and we found a tatoo parlor! woot! However, from the outside, it didn’t look all that professional or legit so I was a little apprehensive.

Inside, they were a little pusy but we made an appointment and came back later, with a larger crowd and 2 missing. My friend and her dad were at a sweat lodge, our other traveling companion was off driving around, and getting lost. I, my friends’ mom, my friends’ brother, and his 5 friends, took over the waiting room for 4 hours. The owners were a little behind but they had a television and a Wii to keep us entertained. After a while, I began talking to the piercer there, and he revealed they had a sale on piercings.

I was hooked (piercing joke, get it? anyone?). We came back at noon the next day and BAM I got my bottom lip pierced (my right, your left). As assured by a few friends and the piercer, it didn’t hurt. And it’s so cool! 😀

My mom and dad aren’t exactly thrilled about my new accessory, but they’re dealing with it. They’re glad  I asked first (however I would have gotten it even if they said no) but my mom says

If you get a hoop or any other piercings, you’ll look….trashy

And my older brother refuses to look at me. It’s great to be home.

I kinda just wanna go back to hanging out at the tattoo parlor…my piercer was probably one of the most laid back dudes I’ve ever met…and he was cool!

BUT despite my mother’s ‘trashy’ predicitons, I’m getting more piercings. I know I will.

Anyways, I’ve been following my piercer’s instructions for keeping it clean. I’m terribly afraid it’s going to get infected, but I’ve heard so many things about them…

“Only 5% of mouth piercings get infected” “The infections aren’t THAT bad to get over” “They’re SUPPOSED to look like they’re getting infected” “Use Listerine” “DON’T use Listerine” >.< can I get just one straight answer?

“Looks good!” “Looks great!” “Looks hot!” “Looks sexy” “Looks….yeah.” “Scary.”

Mixed reviews, needless to say.

And for the (gross) record, I recieved 2 (yes, 2) “looks sexy” and they BOTH came from ex-boyfriends. Lovely.

But having this piercing is kinda scary. I mean, yes, it’s AWESOME, and I’m the only person in my school with one (score!) but it’s a little nerve racking.

I’ll end up wearing my new piercing to prom (I only have a studd in it for now, a silver barbell) which I’m happy with, but I’ll end up switching over to a hoop (much to my mom’s displeasure) and when it comes to graduation, I’ll just pop it out for a few moments for pictures.

I’ll try to get a picture up of it on here soon…but I’m just glad because the piercing has given me some sort of new-found confidance and freedom I didn’t even really knew I wanted. It’s a nice change ^-^

Spring break is coming up! Well, for my school anyways. Anyone excited?

Mine starts tomorrow…yay. I have play practice, though. Tonight, tomorrow morning, thursday around noon for crew, friday at noon for crew (which I get to miss because of a 4-day retreat) and sunday night at 7 which I’ll either be late or I’ll miss. Mwahaa. Then next week…play practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night. Then prom on Saturday. Busy busy busy.

I hope everyone has a good spring break!!


~ by sider13 on March 22, 2011.

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  1. You know it’s a score when you are the only one in your school doing it, chia!

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