High School: Miss or Not Miss?

My high school days are ticking down to where my class, a big 43 students (the LARGEST class) is preparing for our countdown.

I’m so scared.

So in my random moments of free time, I reflect and reminisce about things I’ll miss….and not miss.

The list of things I’ll miss grows everyday. Some of the things: My friends of course. The stupid inside jokes. The comfortability of my school. Being able to say weird stuff. Laying down in just random classrooms for a nap. Knowing everyone. Everyone knowing that the weird things I do are ‘just her’ and just part of what I do. For example: Anywhere else I wear weird eyeshadow, zippers or foil on my eyelids, and huge obnoxious headbands…I just get weird looks. Here, people know that’s just part of who I am. I guess some of the blessing of a small community.

Sure, living out ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and knowing where the boondocks are sucks some days, and living in a community that I often feel like the Black sheep in because I’m so different compared to all of them…but I know I’m going to miss this place. I wont have four acres to roam around barefoot on, my trees with pets buried beneath them, I wont see my favorite tree blossom and bloom; I wont have dead silence at night or be able to see the stars sometimes. But maybe all that is just stuff I’ll miss about home.

So what will I miss about school?

Not the homework. Not being cold ALL THE TIME (though I’m usually cold anywhere). Not the petty drama. Not the snide remarks. Not the immaturity (Well some of it). And a new one: not the idea that this’ll be forever. I’ve been in this part of my school for 4 years. My schedule might change but the days aren’t very different yet different enough to provide entertainment (i.e. last week my classmate Dylan found a cowboy hat and decided to be Sheriff Woody for the day). So…remembering that I should get comfortable places, i should also remember that I’ll leave that place eventually.

So I’m a little curious: does ANYONE miss high school?

I remember that I DONT miss middle school. At all. When my younger siblings were starting their first day of middle school, they asked me for advice. What did I tell them?

I cut the crap and said “this will probably be the worst years in your life.”

A little harsh? maybe. But I also added “But enjoy it while you’re there.”

I hated middle school mainly because I was a new student in this school and was joining a class of students, most whom had been together since kindergarten, all in one class, during the most akward years of our lives. So I was antisocial and akward. And a Harry Potter fan.

And not just any fan.

A HUGE fan.

Of course, everyone made fun of me for it. They were relentless. My worst memory, probably. I still recall “Harry POT-head” being a common name.

Most days I would go home and cry and wonder if leaving my old school (which was drastically increasing in size and student count made me think of rabbits–more everyday) where  no one talked to me, was worth it or not.

But I think I will miss high school. I spose if I wasn’t thinking about it, I wouldn’t miss it.

Anyone out there have some fun high school stories to tell?


~ by sider13 on March 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “High School: Miss or Not Miss?”

  1. OMG!!!!! NEW BLOG LAYOUT !!!!! I love it! IT looks awesome!
    I’ll leave a longer comment later, I gotta update quicklyyy~

  2. What a turning point — graduating high school. Congratulations! I probably graduated before you were born, but the feelings stay the same. My high school yearbook quote was, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — Dickens. And it’s so true. Just like you summarized in your post. To answer your question, does anyone miss high school? Um, no. I don’t think so. Not really. Once you move on to the next phase of your life, you change. You grow. And you learn new things about yourself — life takes you in different directions. You meet new people. You connect with your old friends. Life moves fast. If you’re lucky, it moves too fast to dwell on the past. Sounds like you have a lot of happy memories. (Mixed in with the sad, of course.) You’ve hit the nail on the head. The sorrow you feel now, the pang of an approaching “loss” will pass. And the happy memories will stand out more than the sad. Good luck, and keep writing!

    • Thanks for the words 🙂 very helpfull to get a perspective from…the other side, per say. My parents aren’t the ‘sit down and have awkward ‘life talks’ and give advice’ type of people. They’re the type who figure ‘if we did it, so can she’. No fun there. But to hear that everything turns out okay is good to know 🙂 thank you!

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