Personality: Beautiful

My posts from the past (few days? week? month?) have been…sad. Slightly depressing, even, if you tilt your head sideways. SOO I’m going to -try- to type some about more…uplifting topics.

I decided to start with Personalities. Yesterday someone told me some things they like about my personality. At first, one of the things was “I like that you’re brave. You’ve got that…’no one can stop me’ vibe..but you’re not a jerk about it.” which I liked to hear. Then came “You also seem like you don’t care about anything.” which I’ve been told…numerous times. However, coming from a friend, I wasn’t sure how to take it. After a bit of contemplating, I decided I liked the comment. She said ‘seem’ because she knows I DO care about a lot…I’m just glad that I’m not super-dramatic about it. Cause people find that annoying. And I like to think that SOME people find the people who can hide things, and have deep levels, rather interesting or mysterious or, my personal favorite, a different sort of person who handles their emotions differently than others (like a sub-human! XD)…which is somewhat crap cause no two people are alike. But it makes me feel special. So I roll with it. Makes my boat float 🙂

But the point of that rant was that my friend reminded me that she likes my personality, all twists and turns and odds and ends about it. Even the stuff we disagree on like religion, morals, the unwritten rules of our generation. But we don’t fight about that stuff, we talk about it like adults. Then most likely go do some childish thing to laugh about.

Plus in my Literature class the other day, we were introduced to the Courtly Love topic. And to start discussion (I LOVE discussion), my teacher asked us what was more important: looks or personality? which matters more?

After my classmates all spurtted out their barely-thought-out ideas (boys–looks (all-about looks), girls–personality..”well they have to be DECENTLY good-looking”) I provided my answer: Personality.

I remember in presonal circumstances, I have thought certain people are…not EXACTLY attractive. Which, I know, is kind of mean. I’m human, aren’t I? But, after an akward encounter, a friendship often is created, and after a while, after I love their personality (some have become great friends of mine, some are even a few of the nicest people I’ve ever met), I don’t even think about their appearance, because to me, they are beautiful; because their personality is beautiful.

 Is this a mean thing to do? I’m not sure but it’s just how I’ve operated for years.

Doesn’t it make sense though? I hear girls all the time–“Oh, don’t worry, you’re beautiful!” is it a lie if they originally thought their friend wasn’t even pretty? Is it a lie if they mean their personality? Is it the truth because in their heart, their friend IS beautiful because they love their personality?

I guess in  case like this, “to each his own”.

That saying seems to work with everything that involves personal opinion. Which is a lot of things.

So I think personality is more important.

PLUS…if we were all blind, we wouldn’t be able to see who we were talking to…and we could fall in love with each other simply because  we love their personality!!

PLUS…I know a lot of good (and great) looking people …with no personality or are just horrible people. Recently, even, there is this guy in my class who I’ve thought was good-looking for a few years now. But after people-watching for a few days, and serious thinking, I’ve concluded I’m not even going to persue him…because his personality is a buzzkill. My conlcusion? Get some pictures of him (like a creeper!), create a character in a story that looks like him, create an amazing personality for him, and write some story with a cliche happy ending.

I also remember some quote that went like something like “Only when you love someone are they perfect in your eyes” or something like that. I love it though.

So I think, from now on, if i think about if I or another person is beautiful…It will only be about their personality. In the end, all you’ll want is to be loved for who you are.

Wow. Sappy ending, right?


~ by sider13 on March 2, 2011.

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