Slow your Heart


Well this post IS NOT about relationships. It’s more about…happily avoiding them.

I’m nearing the somewhat blissful, somewhat melancholy end of high school. One week I’ll be sitting on the floor of a classroom, reminiscing on the ‘good times’ and the next week I’m ready to quit school because I hate it so much. But, despite how I’m feeling this week or next, I know the end is coming, and I know some days, I’ll miss it.

But I also know there will be thinks I WONT miss. And my recent relationship is probably one of those things. I sort of regret the whole thing, mainly because it’s just one awkward memory. I’ve been with my class for 6 years and I know a lot about each of them. My class is small (under 50 students) and some of the students feel like siblings. So venturing past the comfortable ‘aquaintance’ line, I dated one of those who doesn’t feel like a sibling. And now, there’s this odd border between us…if that makes any sense?

But in a clearer explanation–I wish I hadn’t dated a classmate. I should have taken my mother’s advice…and dated someone from a different school. But whether he’s from the same or different school, problems will arise anyway…

HOWEVER…I sort of wished I just remained single throughout high school. Yeah, I know, I’ve heard a lot of stories of ALL the fun people had in high school, most of it revolving around things they were doing ‘too young’ if you..catch my drift? Yeah, I’m being a baby and not saying what my classmates do during their free time that they’ll laugh about at our reunions, but I am glad I avoided most of it. Mainly because I’m happy enjoying being young now and I avoiding some of the things I’ll be able to do the rest of my life.

So for a while, I’m gonna keep away from relationships…keep my friends close, keep telling myself that boys think with their pants first, and enjoying my time.

Short pointless little one today.


~ by sider13 on February 17, 2011.

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