Like a quick-clip of a Movie Scene

My life seems slightly chaotic right now. Like a scene in a movie where the suspense is increasing like mad and you see just a bunch of little two-second clips, 30 clips a minute, then more and more, clips getting shorter and it’s all going faster and crazier and I’m just waiting for the big minute where the scene just goes BAM! and comes to this cinematic stop…and slowly continues. I think that moment for me is when I hit the guest bedroom at my dad’s house…in 5 days. So the quick-clippings are getting shorter and everything’s going to move faster and I’ll just look like a crazy person trying to survive it all.

Oi my schedule…I should really write it down.

Day 0 (today) Get 1 paper written, 1 paper edited, 2 worksheets completed, 4 end of section questions studied, fill out 2 study guides, wrap Secret Santa present, edit my school webpage, shower, straighten hair, and clean my room, reigster for test in Febuary (right before my birthday >.<)

Day 1: hand in all homework, study for 3 different tests, work on 2 reviews, wrap presents, head to boyfriends house πŸ™‚

Day 2: go Christmas shopping, wrap presents, take pictures, do some early cooking, spend time with family.

Day 3: Have Christmas with family

Day 4: Take 6 semester tests, head immediately after to play practice, get home to wash and dye/wash/straighten hair, do laundry, pack

Day 5: get up very early, get to airport, board plane, switch flights twice, land in Texas, drive to Dad’s house, and then…BAM. Hit the guest bedroom bed and sleep…maybe for a whole day solid.

Wow. Scary? Hectic? Yes.

Hope all goes well for everyone out there for any readers. Unsure if I’ll get to post for a while. Happy holidays πŸ™‚

I’m attempting to get caught taking a nap in class


~ by sider13 on December 16, 2010.

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