He Carries Floss with Him

Some people think I’m a little…weird, for carrying chopsticks with me. However, as I sit in class with a substitute who just finished an orange and is now flossing his teeth with floss he magically pulled out of his (what I assume) Narnia-sized pocket, and is making an unrealistic amount of noise, I realize: I think him, carrying floss, is w-e-i-r-d. But I suppose to each his own, right?

Anyway, sorry I haven’t blogged in more than a month.

Not sure if anyone’s even reading this apology, but I am sorry. I was busy with my NanoWrimo project and everything I made time for and had time for became ignored. First blogging, then piture-finding, then tv and reading, soon homework, and then sleeping. So my blog has been collecting dust, my locker’s a mess, my graes are *ahem* a -little- low, and I’m till tired all the time. However, it all paid off. I finished, and I’m just glad that my motto “Everything will get better when December comes” is proving true so far 🙂

Even though December is usually just as busy as November (November holds O.I., school projects, pre-1Act preps, etc.), December holds the 1 act, and Winter Exams, or Semester Tests. I was given my much-sough-after Student Director position for the 1 act play so a lot of responsibility is entrusted into me and I’m expected to do a lot. I’m also bringing grades up, studying for my ACT tomorrow (which, oddly, may be postponed due to weather), decorating and cleaning the house for up-coming holidays, and trying to spend time with friends, December is still proving to be a good month. I’m also trying to sleep enough…usually my director holds practice late and I dont get homework done so I end up not sleeping much in December and January DX but good news, I’m going to Texas for Christmas to spend with my father’s side of the family. Shoul be nice, but I’m slightly bummed that I wont get to spend a lot of time with my friends like I had planned.

Planned..hmm. That word now holds mixed meanings. Since it’s my senior year, I’ve been just waiting to experience well-known traditions as well as not-so-known traditions (just little things I notice and I know I’ll miss).. However, this year, nothing’s really gone according to plan. Some of my friends say it’s been going the same way with them as well. So the things we wanted to happen one last time before one of the biggest and scariest moments we’ve been anticipating for years, going to college, aren’t really happening. I guess I’m just proud of my friends as I listen to them say how they got over it and made the best they could of the situation. Some situations end up really well, making them more memoarable, even. Kinda makes me realize we’ve kind of matured over the past few months. Then I look at some juniors I know, the ones who are far from mature. I worry for them, but I hope they mature as well. I’m not saying we have to grow up by any means! I’m sure at 30 years old, I’ll still lie awake in bed on Saturday mornings, love coloring books, and eat the somewhat ‘little kid food’ I still eat today…or at least, I hope I’m still like that when I’m that age. If not, I’m going to worry what made me so…cynical (?) or un-fun that age. Guess I hope for the best. I have to.

Aah, i found out my cat likes to climb in our Christmas tree and loves eating my headphones. This morning, I discovered my cat likes sleeping on my shoulder (Awww) but also my head O_o

Let’s see….it’s Friday, and I’m tired. I’m worrying my mother because I’ve been looking up pictures of Boy George for makeup design inspirations (a…an aqquaintance…of mine suddenly decided she can try to do what I do and I’m SO not letting that fly) but oh well 🙂 Tonight, I’m planning on watching some tv, and sleeping. Saturday I have the ACT and then maybe a concert tomorrow night, and then Sunday I’m gonna go hang with a…friend 😀 He happens to be taking me to prom, and….:) I get all smiley when I think about him. We hung out last weekend.

He planned on picking me up (met the family…my mom said she thought he was nervous, but I didn’t notice anything) and going to HuHot for supper but they were so packed, we left and instead I suggested McDonalds XD it was funny because employees were singing and dancing behind the counter (sounds like something I would have tried to write in a story :D) but we had a good time. He later revealed to me that he felt bad because we went from NICE restaurant to super cheap but I didn’t care I had a good time. We then went to a movie, then headed back to his house (we had time to kill till my curfew. Would YOU have gone home early? didn’t think so 🙂 ) and watched another movie (we love movies XD) and then I went home. We text a LOT but we go to school together and barely acknowledge each others’ presence. We only have 2 classes together and he is always with his friends in those classes, but he doesn’t downright ignore me. Idk how I feel about it to be honest. But I’ll update later on!

Um…other then that, not much has happened. I’ve come up with a sorta weird Christmas list.


Bento box





Polaroid camera

Tuberose from B&B works

That’s all I have so far. But maybe since that’s all I want, that’s all I need. Money’s tight at home so I’m not expecting much but I guess I have a lot of stuff already, I don’t need much more.

I hope the rest of December goes well! and that anyone who takes a few minutes to read my rant is having a good day 🙂

This class room smells like my vet’s office O_o


~ by sider13 on December 10, 2010.

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