“Are you awake?”

Well the weekend felt like a failure, as do I.

I had goals of writing around 10k words for my story. If you re-read the first line, it’s easy to guess that I didn’t complete that goal.

I gave myself a break by hanging out with a friend and watching a movie (Saw 3). Then around one in the morning we just hung out, talking, and I began falling asleep. I was sitting up, not in a compfortable, easy to fall asleep in chair, I was sitting on a stool!

We had music on. Not slow, sleepy music, but loud, head banging music with the occaisional screamo.

The lights were all on. Bright lights.

And…I kept falling asleep.

“You awake?” he’d ask me. I’d suddenly wake up, blink my eyes a few times, fight the urge to yawn and answer with an obvious lie, “Yeah!”

Eventually he began talking about his grandma, and half asleep, I sudenly sat up, “Oh yeah, I need to call her, it’s her birthday!”

“Who are you talking about? Are you awake?” He asked me, snapping his fingers once. I awoke this time.

“You…need to call…your grandma? It’s…her birthday?”

The blank and confused expression on my face told everything: I was talking in my sleep. We both silently decided I should go home.

Saturday, I’m writing, writing, writing. The word count box is staring at me, mocking me. I take a break, finally, and watch The Chronicles of Riddick (YEAH!!!). Unfortunately I fall asleep. Sooo Sunday, I write, write, write, and then I take a nap, have a weird dream, write, do homework, and before I can believe it, my weekend is over, and I’m about 4,000 words short of my goal. Fail.

Short blog today, jeeze.

Someone stole my water bottle in my locker today…the water in it was about 5 weeks old. Win?


~ by sider13 on November 8, 2010.

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