The Stalker…is Stalked

To clear ANY assumptions that I’m one of those pro-stalkers who spends their evenings facebooking and myspacing people’s profiles and gives up parts of their lives to devote more time to this ‘hobby’, stalking someone so much they may grow to love or have an obsession with….I am not. I digress. I am just a curious kitten, wondering what trouble my curiosity will get me into one day.

However, I do from time-to-time, dabble in the ‘art’ of stalking. I’ll look around a new friend’s Facebook profile and look at their friends, pictures, ‘about me’, comments…and after about an hour, I’m done. I’ll rationalize my actions with “I don’t have the time to ask them this stuff in person…this way’s just time-saving” but really, I’m toeing the line of stalking.

I’ll of course joke about it when my weird memory kicks in and I suddenly know or recall something about a person I barely know or know something I perhaps shouldn’t know…but all-in-all, I’m not really a stalker (though I do have a humorous reputation for it).

However….when someone starts to stalk me, I become…frantic? No, not quite the right word. Hm…I think SPAZZED is more appropriate. Yes, I become spazzed. If you don’t know what the term ‘spaz’ is, it just means (to me, anyways) that I’m freaking out.

What led to my paranoia and spazzing of today? A random number begins texting me. I ask for a name and at first, I believe it to be a relative with a number change. However, just for kicks, I play dumb and ask for a last name. I’m not sure why I chose to do that, but I’m glad I did. After reading the last name, I realize: I have no idea who this person is. Immediately I panic. Me spazzing: (read super fast…it’s equivalent to my spaz-speed) How’d they get my number? Is this a joke? Did I forget this person? WHO IS THIS?!?! I try to calm my fears with the idea that they got my number from a friend who could be playing a joke or something or perhaps even they were told to talk to me cause we were somehow alike. But after sneakily texting (in class) a couple friends…I realize I have NO IDEA who this person is. After they ask for a picture of me, I say no, my camera isn’t working. Then they ask if I’m good-looking. Now super-panic mode sets in. If my mind was an airplane, the pilot would be screaming MEYDAY!!

So…am I being stalked? Is this all a joke? Am I just being paranoid? I must sink to their level: I must go to facebook and stalk them!

So needless to say…my 6th hour was me, paranoid. Beat’s yesterday: took a nap the entire hour and got away with it, my favorite thing. I’ll post tomorrow if I discover I know this person or if I have…a stalker. (duhn duhn DUHN!)

I’m beginning to wonder if I have Rickets.


~ by sider13 on November 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Stalker…is Stalked”

  1. What’s rickets?
    And, oddly enough, I have a similar situation going on. O.e Only,I knw who the guy is.
    He’s this kid in my adroom, and whenever he talks to me, he stands at a distance, and looks down, (he barely looks at me.) and he repeats alot of stuff, and he sounds like he’s going to puke.
    Then, last week or so, hes all “You live by me.”
    Me:0.o what?
    Him: Yeah, you live on West Ave, by Sanford hospital.” I live over by there too.

    STILL. Even if he lives by it, how does he know exactly what street I live on unless he watched me leave or enter my house. O>O

    Is there a possibility it could be luke? YOu should give me the number, I’ll call and see who it is! 🙂 (Star67 *67 of course.)

    • It’s not luke…I stalked the guy a little. idk how he knows me….or how he had my number. He knows 2 people i’ve met at T.E.C. but i sent him a facebook message asking how he knew me. I also removed my number from facebook. phew!!

      but creepy…you SEE your stalker though. but dang…that’s creepy. At first I was like ‘aww cute, the super shy type’ but now it’s all CREEPY HE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE! AAAAH!

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