Curing Autumn Blues

I’m sure everyone has heard a song titled “Blue Christmas”. Thanks for the holiday tune, Elvis, but I hit the blues when Autumn hits.

Sure, I love the colors of the leaves changing and the opportunities to wear my pea coat when Autumn rolls around. However, I quickly become blue, as do many people. Perhaps it’s becuase cold weather is coming, the school year is ahead, knowing our free time is shrinking, or maybe even the fact that we lose light in our day. Here are some tips that should help reduce the blues:

1. Exercise. Even if it’s cold outside, get your runnin’ shoes on, hit the gym, or if all else fails, speed-walk your way through the mall! Exercise will keep you busy and will help keep you and your mind from slipping to a darker tide. It’s also healthy (why not slim down before adding up the pounds from holiday dinners?)!

2. Light up your world! Keep your area bight! Think of light against Autumn as an optical illusion. It can help your mind think there are isn’t as less of light in the day as there really is. If you want, get some fun colored lights! And, like #1, it will help you slip into the blues. Depression seems to always be in the dark, so go ahead and buy some lights! If you’re worried about the environment or the cost, buy energy-efficient lightbulbs in bulk (cheaper and greener!)

3. Keep busy (similar yet different to point #1). Enrolling in new activities or hobbies is a great way to keep yourself busy and keeping your mind away from going down. I’ve seen from personal experience that people, when busier, have less time to worry about problems and dwell on saddening things than someone with an open schedule does. Plus, if you’re busy, there’s a good chance you’re around happy people (I’ll dive into that soon!) and time passes faster so the season will be gone before you know it!

4. Add some color like it’s a spice. Bright colors will help energize your mind and keep you in a more positive mood. Afterall, when everything outside is dead and different hues of brown, it’s kind of difficult to remain positive [guilty].

5. Don’t keep yourself locked up alone. Being alone can cause sadness or negativity to fester into depression, a more serious problem than just ‘the blues’. Keeping up with friends and just positive people can help keep the serious blues away.

I hope these all helped! I’m going to really try to not be a hypocrite and go follow my own advice 🙂


~ by sider13 on November 2, 2010.

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