My Jar of Hearts

Thank you to Christina Perri for making such a pretty song and video 🙂 It’s a mixed bag of feelings though…made me realize I’ve got a jar of <3’s just sitting on my shelf along with feathers and rocks. It has inpsired me to literally create a jar of hearts.

Well lets see what has been going on lately. Hmm.

My weekend, for one, was quite epic. I had a 4-day weekend yet it seemed a lifetime. It began as me going to a friends house (friend #1) after school to hang out then we headed back to school for a small function, then back to her house for some amazing soup and then to another friend’s  (friend #2) house for a VHS showing of The Silence of the Lambs. Good movie! Then Friday morning I headed back home around noon, then cleaned up a little, did a little house work, and headed off to friend #3’s house with friend #4. We watched tv, then I got to watch 6 hours of Halo and then Employee of the Month. It wasn’t the funnest thing (I began to subtly doze on 6th hour of halo) but I hadnt’s seen friends 3 and 4 in a while and it was good to just chill. Yes, i did just use ‘chill’  :D. It was a good experience, overall, I like to think, but it all ended in an AXE fight which wasn’t so bad but I smelt like guy all day plus I had the lingering smell of cigarette smoke in my hair. Ick. Thanks #4. I returned home around midnight, or more correctly, 12:02, Sunday morning. I slept only for two hours (energy drink = bad) then lied in bed an hour before and after and then got up around 5. I then readied myself for an Oral interp competition. First section went well, but I began to feel nauseas. In the end, I dropped out of section two and three. I then went to lunch and bought a pumpkin I named Gwenyth. I then went back to friend #1’s house for some movies and down time. Later we went over to a friend’s house  (friend #5) and watched the last hour of Star Trek. Unable to hang out any longer, friend #1 and I went to visit friend #2 at her work where we just hung out and ate food and pretended to read the newspaper until friend #1 and I went back to her house to watch Hocus Pocus (we both still love that movie) and fell asleep during the beggining part of CLUE (the film). We awoke close to noon, surprised her parents didn’t wake us for church (I would have stayed behind…too sleepy) and watched more disney channel Halloween movies. Around five that evening, we began carving our pumpkins. Close to nine that evening, we finished and watched the Sister Wives television special. After than I went home for the first time in days (felt odd and bad in a sense) and read my government assignment, completed Physics homework and then fell asleep. Monday morning I was not a happy camper. As the day goes on, I’m trying to be a happier person but perhaps because of all the black I’m wearing it’s not working out well (black cut jeans, black pea coat [I’m cold], black lace bow, and mess of black hair and I suppose the silver line makeup does not help much 😛 but the most colorful part of my ensemble <yet again> is my shoes, being bright blue and white converse All Stars, high tops.  So that has been the last like, 5 days in account of my life. The whole weekend felt like some odd version without romance of a Nick and Norah adventure weekend, our primary goals to get through Oral Interp, then carve pumpkins, and finally, Sister Wives. And even like the movie, when the goal was finally achieved, it was not what I expected. Or, in a different matter, not expereinced like I envisioned it would be.

So yeah, that was my weekend. I felt sort of bad because I spent no time with other friends and I barely saw my mom. But I know I’ll probably be home Monday-Thursday night at home, 3/4 days with just mom so hopefully that will compensate.

Anyway, on a different note–My internet source at home has been taken by the same person who was generously allowing me to borrow it. So….school internet is my only current source. And with many blocked websites, I’m beggining to suffer. How on earth am I supposed to browse online stores for things I can’t afford? How am I supposed to read anonymously sent in secrets? How am I supposed to stalk people by online profiles and videos?!?! AAAAH! DX

Well, there’s my rant of life and my weekend. Hope everyone else had a great Halloween! 🙂

My foot’s all tingly. Feels…mad. So why is it said to be ‘asleep’?????


~ by sider13 on November 1, 2010.

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