Epic Fail with an O

In my sophmore year, I tried out for Oral Interp. Needless to say, first time sucked. I dropped out after my first meet. Awards were given to all and I recieved last. I had the walk of shame and embarassment and in the end, I really wished I had recieved no award at all rather than take the walk. So I never returned.

Two years later I joined up again in hopes of getting past the horrible first meet. I practiced more, I found a piece to read that was more ME, and I knew what to expect this time. First round, (there were two), I was so nervous sitting there, listening to other competitors in their suits and their expensive shoes, clacking around as if they were better than me, delivering their pieces, flawlessly. They’d spent fifteen minutes at the meet as a giant group, one school altogether, warming up, reciting and participating in some ridiculous exercises. As I listened to them all, my heart began to pound more. I could feel it in my chest as if it were a bomb throbing, ready to ex- or im- plode. It was horrible. But I survived. I even heard one of my competitor’s groupie friends whisper ‘that was good’ but I believed it to be more of a lie than a compliment.

My second round…horrible. The same competitor sat directly behind me (creepy) and I messed up a lot during my piece. When I recieved my sheet with all of my grading on it, I didn’t look. I didn’t want to. I wont. So I left the competition feeling like crap. The same that I felt from my compeitition. So, my goal of leaving this feeling above what I felt like from my first competition…didn’t succeed. Fail.

If I continue to compete, I’ll hopefully do better. I have a meet on Saturday. If I don’t come out good, I’m done. 3rd strike and I will gladly be out.

To be honest, Oral interp is one of the hardest things I’ve ever -ever- had to do. I just hope something good comes of it. I’d like to have something to show to my parents they can boast about, exaggerate if needed, to their friends. Show a trophy.

People tell me I’m unique (ick) and creative…but I’ll never get a prize. So I guess it’d be nice to give my parents soemthing they can show they’re proud of.

It didn’t help I spose that my mom kept annoying me about it. Our conversation went something like this…

(mom) “So how’d you do?!”

(me) “Fine.”

(mom) “I’m sure you did great! :)”

(me) “I dunno.”

She picks me up from school. The car ride goes the same. She presses on, hoping to hear how I did. I say little, glad I had headphones in and my MP3 on.

(mom) “Back in MY day…”

(my thought) Oh dear god

She goes on and on and I don’t listen. I just subtly turn up my music and stare off. I tune back in around the time she hits “The Moral of the story-” Part. But I didn’t enough to try to remember what she said. I would stay home tomorrow but she’d be home and that’d be hell to go through and I spose NOT going to school will be worse than going. I’ll have to face the  ‘How’d ya do!?!?!’s someday. Might as well get it over with.

I love how I’ll go into detail with readers of a blog, an unknown number of people, yet I won’t even tell my mom how I did during my competition.

But, one good thing came from this experience. A competitor reminded me of a character I had previously written non-finished story. So, now being able to see a human-version figure of a character, witha voice and personality to match it more closely to, I am inspired to go write that sotry. I have a new idea for the ending 😀 so I’m off to write, work on my Piece (art project) and hoepfully tomorrow will be better.

Sucks when you lose contact with people you never even meet.


~ by sider13 on October 20, 2010.

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