Updation (now a word)

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go shopping! Whoo!

I bought some new eyeshadow, 2 new headbands, and a shirt! I also donated a dollar and got a free bag 🙂 But I’m running out of money and I wouldn’t mind having a job somewhere in the mall. It’d be a nice discount…But I’ll have to post new pictures of my eyeshadow designs!

Lately my mother has been telling me she doesn’t like my eyeshadow designs…thinks I’ve done better, thinks it’s too much, blah blah blah.  I want to tell her she wont hold me back from doing what I love or what I want to do…and I can’t let her opinions (good or bad) get me down. But I’ve been thinking…no one compliments me. It’s not that I crave them or anything but I wander if people don’t notice because it’s just a normality for them to see me with half my face covered…hmmm.

I then went to my uncle’s house and…I cleaned for 4 hours x_x daaaang. I was sooo tired when I got home last night. I wanted to go to sleep but I had to keep to my schedule of 1 hour a day dedicated to working on my Piece. But I ran out of thread…so now I’m at a stand still. Frick.

Oh! My Piece is an art project I’m working on. It’s all about how when you’re heart has a hole or an empty space, you need to fill it with the right piece, or you wont be right. Soo it’ll take me a while but I’m forcing myself to commit one hour a day to it. And now…I’m out of thread. Dang.

Anyways…I never realized I’d have to baby-proof my room for my cat. She gets into EVERYTHING. It’s rather annoying, to say the least. Plus I didn’t know I had soo many crevices for her to hide in. She prowls around then she cries when I havent fed her yet. Didn’t know a cat could cry…

I’ve decided to maybe not make a vlog. I don’t know what my college would think of it, and certain people of the community wouldn’t approve of it, and I wouldn’t be able to talk freely for fear that Christian and family people who keep an annoyingly watchful eye on me would not approove. I know, I could file it under a fake name and create an alias for myself but once one person finds it, everyone will find it. Plus I doubt it’ll reach populary of Shane Dawson, iJustine, SwiftKarateChop, or DesandNate. Which would suck. It’ be cool to be known….

I thought I had a lot to get down and would have a full line or actual blog rather than my mental rant..but I don’t. Maybe tomorrow I will….

Peppermint hand lotion smells like Christmas.


~ by sider13 on October 13, 2010.

One Response to “Updation (now a word)”

  1. I know what cats are like DX eventually, she’ll get accustomed to everything! And wont get herself into situations.

    I want a job so badly too. I refuse fast food at all costs, but I want some type of job..I want money. It’d be a solid solution to all my problems..well, most of them, well, wait, actually alot of them. 😛 (ill go blog about it.) XD

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