So the other day I was complaining that I had not remembered any dreams lately. Well last night, I had a nightmare. Great.

It went like this: I was a man…well, I was in a man’s eyes and I was seeing what he saw. He was in Italy during Carnivale with his family of a wife, son, and daughter. They were in a boat and heading down a river. Suddenly they were all watching shows involving masks, and every show seemed to incorporate the same image-dream-sequence thing. It was a giant whale turning over in a wave. But then we were heading down the river again and suddenly in the boat, we all saw the whale image and then the father was dragged under the boat becauseĀ  a dolphin grabbed his feet and then 4 dolphins were eating him alive. Then it turned to a movie trailer where it was up to the family to interpret the clues the father left behind to do something about something before time ran out.

SOO I’m done complaining about not remembering my dreams. šŸ™‚ because now I am afraid of dolphins.

But I had an unfortunate revelation: Guilt loved me. Pacific19 told of my guilt…well that Guilt is a person and he loved me. And that scares me. But suprisingly I don’t feel bad about breaking his heart…may be bad but oh well. But…he loved me. I’m sure of it. I’ve gone over what he loved about me….and when online checking my email and anĀ advertisement on my homepage said something about ‘the best things guys love about girls’. I regret reading that…almost all the things the article mentioned were things he loved about me. The way I smell, my ‘unique’ fashion or style (I HATE being called unique, it’s like the nice way to say ‘weird’), or my hair being curly rather than straight…Ugh >.< OI, this is bad….10/11. Only one didn’t apply because I hadn’t slept with him…ugh now I am like horrified of dolphins and I have scary mental images in my mind. Nasty >.<Ā  Hate to go all Martha May Whovier on you guys, but “my heart belongs to…someone else”.

Well wasn’t that just a lovely soap-opery bit?

Oooh! I went to a college thing today and I talked to an art design school and a cosmetology school. I’m not going ot metnion any names because I would HATE to be sued by a college I really want to go to…but I’m becoming super excited about cosmetology! WHOOO!

I like things that smell good šŸ™‚


~ by sider13 on October 8, 2010.

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