This Dream’s Gonna Make Me Late

I’m always afriad we have to have that child in our heart full of life in order to dream. I ask people who live their life working, working, working, who are unhappy, what do they dream about.

“I don’t dream when I sleep.”

According to studies in my Psychology class, we all dream. Every night.

So maybe the correct answer would be “It’s because I don’t hit a deep enough sleep to remember my dreams.” or “My dreams aren’t long enough to remember.”

I like to believe that our inner child needs to be alive in order for our sub/unconscious to come up with a dream.

What sparked this thought?

Everyday, it seems a friend of mine in school just HAS to tell me about a dream she had. Don’t get me wrong: I love hearing about them. They’re funny and often brighten my day after becoming frustrated because of a certain class I won’t mention (COUGH COUGH government COUGH COUGH). But I’ll admit…I’m a little jealous. I don’t really¬† remember my dreams much. Then again, with school starting and my somewhat summer-bohemian life-style is no longer available, I imagine my stress and unhappiness level went up SO I don’t think I’ll be dreaming much…or remembering…you know what I mean.

Or perhaps dreams just occur when we’re happy…I’m not sure. I’m no expert (obviously).

But when I DO end up remembering a dream, I’m always left wandering: do our dreams hold a secret message that we are meant to decode?

Or are they going to forever be random jumps of thoughts in our brains?

I may never know. But I know one thing: if we’re wastin’ time thinking about our dreams, we’ll be throwing away time where we could be making new ones.

I love the smell of rice cooking.


~ by sider13 on October 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “This Dream’s Gonna Make Me Late”

  1. Interesting. Dreams occur for no particular reason, I think they just happen. Dreams for me most happen when Im not very tired, (if your really tired, you just sleep.) or when there is alot of things going on or something big.

    Next time you have a dream, and remember it, keep in mind the most prominent subjects your dream had. Like, objects, situations, people,colors,feelings, etc. and then look them up online in a dream dictionary. ITs reallly cool.

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