It is quite the weird feeling when you realize the feeling of ‘moving on’. Television always makes ‘moving on’ feel like a fast sensation, like a sneeze…but nope. It can take quite a while.

I’ve been afraid of growing up. But time wont stop and I’m pretty sure I can’t turn back time (I have yet to find that ‘beyond’ part of Bath&Body works, but I’m still looking!). So I’m moving on with life: setting dates to take senior pictures, takign the step of looking into colleges, applying for the ACT. I’m so scared….but I know I can do it. I quote Liz Lee: you can never expect how you’ll feel when the days you never thought would arrive actually do.” Plus, I’m quite uncertain on what I want to have as a major in college. I could go into cosmetology, but I’m not sure. I could chase a writing career, or something in the movie making business, but I’m just as uncertain about those as I was 2 months ago. I’m quite afraid that if I DO chase any of those for a career, they’ll lose their charm, and it’ll only end up being a job, not something I love.

I really hate knowing that life is made up of decisions, and they’ll only get tougher to make.

Good news: ring worm is goin’ down.

But here are some pictures on most recent eye shadow designs. Good reception or not, I’ll still continue this, and I can’t let anyone hold me back if I’m trying to break down barriors. If I want to get anywhere with anything, I’ll have to break some barriors and get past the dotted lines.

Cloud band

 I hate figuring out that I’ve got nothing figured out.



~ by sider13 on October 1, 2010.

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