Dead words, Loud Actions

Catastrophe today. Pure catastrophe.

In a small school, if you are a sheep, it is almost common to be wearing the same sweatpants, khakis, sweatshirts, basketball shorts as another student. Yesterday I saw 4 girls wearing the same khakis. Yikes. Today i see 2 gusy wearing the same colored basketball shorts, and 8 guys wearing the same brand of basketball shorts. Crikey. However, being the black sheep, the unicorn inΒ  a herd of horses, the bat in a flock of birds, the red flamingo in a gaggle of pink ones, what have you….I am never wearing hte same thing as anyone else. Not hairstyle, makeup design, shoes, etc. Maybe same brand of jeans but jeans are nearly a staple in midwest America. I don’t see myself as a style icon in my school, but I am not afraid of being different.

Unfortunatley, today…some girl was wearing the same shoes as me. AAAH DX. Not good. I know she has the same shoes as me, but we never seemed to wear them on the same day. I was afraid at first that everyone thought I had copied her even though it was I who started the trend. Plus these are soemwhat one-of-a-kind shoes…well, around here anyways. They are the Covnerse All Stars Knee-high boots. Costs me more than a pretty penny and she went and got the off brand kind. Hers dont look as good πŸ™‚ but it SERIOUSLY bothered me.

The shoes: 2010 Winter Converse Shoes

And…someone gave me a weird look when they saw my makeup. I’m in love with eyeshadow, and I just LOVE experimenting with differnet looks. I try not to wear the same look twice. I’m usually quite proud of what I come up with, and I know to expect a few people to not like it and to find it weird. That’s kind of the story of my life. But today some student just stopped and looked at me, then looked away as if to say ‘what a freak’. Hurt more than if he would of said he hated it. I was even asked today by a deush student where my ‘mask’ was because he didn’t see my eyeshadow. He didn’t see i had somewhat done a stitch design in a large X across my face in white eyeliner. But he might as well be blind. He didn’t see my hate of him or dislike of his cut-off shirt. That’ll reel the chicks in, but they’ll be supoorting the beer gut.

I’m just glad my confidants and best friends can always be counted on to be a support and everything I could ever ask for in a friend. It’s good to feel like there are people you can always count on to love you no matter how much eye shadow you’re wearing and how messy your hair is, or even if you have ringworm.

I really am craving some Spongebob Macaroni and cheese….I’d settle for Dora if I had to.


~ by sider13 on September 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dead words, Loud Actions”

  1. P.S. Thank you to for the picture!

  2. Ouch, sounds like a tough day. /:
    I always hate when I see someone with the same clothes as me, I suddenly lfeel like I’m the same as everyone else…not that I should be the only one with that piece, but morely the fact that its lke I feel automatically compared with the other personwearing it. >o<
    But dont let anyone at your school bring you down! Theyre jsut jealous that they cant pull off your looks or have your confidence! DOn't let dead words kill your image! And if their actions are loud, make yours even louder!

    Show 'em who's boss.

    • Thanks love!! πŸ™‚
      I know the feeling and I’m glad you do too! And yes, that is EXACTLY how I feel -_-
      Okay!! I wont! I’ll make my actions as loud as I can:)
      I’ll show ’em. I’f I need someone, I’ll contact you in the even if I need someone to jump in and be all ‘GOT BEEF?! [Chest slap]’

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