To be or not to be cause I’m bored being me

Well this is quite great. I have…ring worm. In a few spots on my neck, actually. Not fun. At all. I can eat 2 crickets and a larva (baked) without squirming but even the mere thought…of worms…in me…Yick. I shudder. It’s just nasty. I will spare myself and not research it online. It’ll turn me into a hypochodriac. Really.

Autumn is here. I don’t think anyone can really deny it’s presence. It worries me though. The beautiful Autumn colors only seem to last a few days, and I’m worried I’ll miss them when I really just want to capture me, and those colors, for a picture. Wonder if I’ll get lucky….

People have told me I can’t act to save my life. I’m feeling a little adventurous today. Sure, I can’t act according to a script, but I’ll show them i can act by impromptu. Just watch. It’ll be such a charade, I’m expecting a few people will be blown away when they believe what story I’ll spin for them. And in ten years, maybe twenty, when this charade is long done, I’ll sit back and laugh on how everyone believed me and how I was so bored with life I did this to be entertained and mess with someone’s mental capacity.

At least I’ll have memories too look back on! I’d rather have stupid ones than none!

A ladybug or Asian beetle thing is crawling in my hair. I’m afraid if I try to grab it, it’ll let one rip and my hair will be all stanky :S


~ by sider13 on September 27, 2010.

One Response to “To be or not to be cause I’m bored being me”

  1. I loved the title of this!! Like, seriously. It kind of reminds me how I feel with wishing i was a cute asian girl.
    i’d be screaming bloody murder if there was any type of bug in my hair. O__O

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